Tyler for Bangor City Council

We’re ready.

For a city building to the future. For a government that secures our rights. For a city council that fulfills its purpose and works for all Bangor residents.

About Tyler

I moved to Bangor to continue my career after growing up in Aroostook County. After working for several years in the Queen City, I launched my very own delivery business in 2020 to solve the problem of people not feeling safe to leave their homes when the Covid-19 outbreak began.

I am well-suited to solve problems for the city of Bangor. Prior to starting my own business, I was a banker for seven years, helping new home buyers and business owners secure access to loans and other banking services. I originally moved to Bangor to prepare a local business for an acquisition by revitalizing operations. Once the business was sold, I remained on the team to bridge the transition to new ownership. While on staff, I helped increase the starting wage base for new employees by almost 40% in a little over two years while increasing net profits. You could say I am both pro-worker and pro-business!

Policy Positions

Smarter Infrastructure

Transportation and well-maintained roads are essential to facilitate commerce. As Bangor grows, I will urge the city to take a proactive approach to maintaining and updating our roads without raising property taxes.


Invest In Our Youth

As a business owner, I recognize challenges behind starting a new venture. On city council, I will help Bangor spur innovation by making our city a hub for any high school or college graduate looking to start their own business.


Affordable Housing

In order to increase the supply of housing, undeveloped and underdeveloped areas must add more rental units and more single-family homes must be built. In order to attract investment, we will need to allow more mixed-use zoning.


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